U.S. Cellular Field,2013-06-23

I wasn’t supposed to attend to this game,but when I heard that the White Sox’s starting pitcher was Chris Sale, I immediately decided to do a detour to Chicago just before Milwaukee. Here’s a picture when I arrived close to The Cell:


When the gates opened, I immediately went to the left field bleachers. I knew that it was was a great place to catch home run,but there’s also a great gap between the field and the stands. Look what I found:


I retrieve this ball by using the Zack Hample’s glove trick.
Then,i caught another ball thrown by an unknown centerfield of the Mets. Some guys were begging for a ball but he saw me wearing my Montreal Expos jacket and he threw me the ball. A minute later,the Mets’ portion of the BP was over. My BP ball total was of 2.


During the first inning I decided to stood near the Mets’ dogout and I tried to got a 3rd out ball. At the end of the inning,Jordany valdelspin,the second baseman threw me the ball! It was my first gamer. Soon after,the usher told me to go back to my place,wich I did, but it wasn’t a matter because I was SO happy!

After that I wandered into the stadium and took pics like that:

And that:

Great game at The Cell!

*5th consecutive game with at least 1 ball.
*7th balls of the season.
*7 balls in 5 games this season = 1,4 average ball per game.
*10th total ball.
*11th Stadium in my life.(Rogers Centre,Orioles Park,PNC Park,Great American Ballpark,Chase Field,O.co Coliseum,Dodger Stadium,Petco Park,Citizens Bank park,Progressive Field,Comerica Park and US Cellular Field)


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