U.S. Cellular Field,2013-06-29

Billy pierce statue day? Oh Yeah!


It was a replica statue of the statue that is actually at U.S. Cellular Field. Cool one!

Even if it was a SGA day,there was less people than the day before. When the stadium opened,there was maybe 50 people behind me,compared to the couple of hundreds the day before.
I huried to the left field bleachers as I always do at the Cell now. Within 5 seconds, a ball landed 10 feets to my left and took it. I was wearing my Cleveland Indians Jersey,so about 30 seconds later,a coach walked to get a ball that had hit the wall and I asked him for it.
-”You just got a ball!”
-”Yeah,but I came from Cleveland to see the game!”
He smiled at me and threw me the ball.

The BP was really great. A lot of ball were hitted in the stands. Soon enough, another ball bounced on the warning track and went just over my head in the next row. But there was so few people that I was able to get this ball! The last ball of the BP was another homerun that landed 3 rows back to me. Again,there was nobody that was running for it. Easy one. Another one landed in the gap between the fence and the stands. I guy came and see the ball as I was preparing the Zack Hample’s glove trick. He wanted to see it but just before I lowered it,we noticed that the ball had disapeared! There was nobody that had walked there and pick up the ball,or nothing else! That was just weird…

The BP ended and I decided to try to have autograph near the Indians dugout. I went there:

And I suceed to have my ticket signed by Justin Masterson and Yan Gomes. Great guys.
I also suceed to sneak into the Dugout seat section. This was my view for the first pitch:
During the first four inning I tried to catch Nick Swisher Warmup. I was always seeing me,but was always throwing it back to the dugout. I think he remembered throwing me a ball the day before,but maybe didn’t see that another fan push me to get the ball. So after five innings of trying to get this warmup ball he saw me (again) and threw it to me. Fifth ball of the day! Funny thing,all the kid understood that they could,too,try to get a ball. So during each warmup,they were like a dozens to go near the dugout and call ”#33”. Finnaly, a lot of them got balls. I also noticed another funny thing later in the game:


All the white things that you see are birds. There was maybe 50 of them in the right field and center field. I never saw something like that!
The game ended,and I grab 5 ice cream helmets.They’re so cool(Sorry,didn’t took any pictures)!
Goobye Chicago, I will miss you!

*Streak of two games with at least a ball
*15 balls this season.
*15 balls in 8 games this season = 1,87 average ball per game.
*18 total MLB ball.
*13th Stadiums in my life.(Rogers Centre,Orioles Park,PNC Park,Great American Ballpark,Chase Field,O.co Coliseum,Dodger Stadium,Petco Park,Citizens Bank park,Progressive Field,Comerica Park,US Cellular Field and Miller Park)

Check out more at: http://www.mygameballs.com/baseballdata?db=MtlExpos


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