Petco Park,2013-07-10

For the second time in two years, I was going to Petco Park. The first time, I’ve got NO balls at all. I was hoping to snag at least 1 baseball,because as you may know,my pbjective is to catch at least one baseball at every stadiums in the MLB. Altough a lot of people thinks that PP is an easy place to snag balls, I got frustrated each time i go there,and this time is not an exception.

I arrived very early(Park at the park and the beach opens 2½ hours before the first pitch). I was hoping that the Rockies’ players were going to use commemorative baseballs for their BP but,as I found out,they don’t… So for the first hour of the batting practice,there’s only the beach that’s open.

You can’t really see,but it was really crowded,and it’s a very tiny section, so the ballhawking level was very high. Plus,during all the time that I was here,only 1 ball was hit at the beach. When the whole stadium opened at 5:30, I ran to the left field bleachers,near the Metal Supply building.

My first and only ball of the BP was a ball that went to the gap at the left field. I retrieved it with the glove trick. And that was it for the BP.
Before the game, I wandered around the stadium. Petco Park is sor gorgeous! This was my view of the game:
And here’s a panorama from the same seats:
If you ever go to Petco Park,you really should buy tickets behind the plate in the upper deck. These are simply the best seats in the house and you’ll have a way better experience than in you were sitting in the bleachers(WAY better!). I took a lot of ”Game Action Photography”. Here’s some:
Chris Denorfia hitting
And Denorfia making contact
And the Rockies’ pitcher DeLaRosa:
I also noticed a cool ad on the right field foul pole, It’s a golf club that is in the pole! Cool stuff.
But one of the coolest thing that I saw at the game was a poster from the Padres organisation. It shows before and after the construction of Petco Park how the city was looking like. It is INCREDIBLE. It proves that you really can change the face of a city with a building that will be prestigious for the city. Not necessarily a Ballpark,but it could be a tower(Like the CN tower in Toronto), or anything. Check out before:
And after:
After the game, I succeeded retrieving another ball that the Padres’ coaches had forgot. It was stuck against the wall,and I saw an employee and I ask him for the ball.
-”I really can’t give any balls…”(And it was probably the 1000 times that a kid asked him for a ball in this game.)
-”No,I don’t want YOU to throw it to me,just put it a foot from the wall!” He saw the glove-trick and said:
-”You don’t think that it is going to work,are you?”
-”You have to give it a try!” And he did. A dozen of people were watching me and when they saw that it was working,everyone was cheering me! It was an awesome moment. Thanks to the employee and to the security to be that cool at Petco! I’ll be back one day,you can count on that!

*Streak of 4 games with at least a ball
*20 balls this season.
*20 balls in 10 games this season = 2,00 average balls per game.
*23 total MLB ball.
*14 Stadiums lifetime.(Rogers Centre,Orioles Park,PNC Park,Great American Ballpark,Chase Field, Coliseum,Dodger Stadium,Petco Park,Citizens Bank park,Progressive Field,Comerica Park,US Cellular Field,Miller Park and Kauffman Stadium)

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