Raley Field,2013-07-14

As you may recall,my last game was in L.A. more precisly at Rancho Cucamonga. And what’s the best road to travel North-South or South-North in California? Yeah,you are right! The highway 1 is incredibly gorgeous! Look at some pictures that I took on my way to Sacramento:


That first photo was taken at Julia Pfeiffer Sate Park. If you ever go to California,you absolutely have to stop there! What a beauty! And the second picture is the Bixby Bridge, another wonder, a Man-made one.


Ok,ok. Time for some baseball now! I decided to once again go to Milb game this time. It was a bobblehead day and honestly,who does not love bobblehead? This was the line when I arrived to the stadium 35 minutes before the game.


As soon as I finaly entered,I took my BB box and immediatly headed to the right-field grass. There was no BP underway,but that’s almost always the case in Minor League game. The gates usually only open an hour before game time, and this was the case this day.
When I arrived near the bullpen, I immediatly spotted a ball that was an easy target with the glove trick. There was almost nobody near me so I thought I wasn’t going to be bothered by anybody. I’ve never been so worng. I started as usual by lowering my glove and the ball immediatly went into it. When I started to get my glove higher, I heard someone saying ”Get it down,get it down immediatly!!!”. I turned around and saw a security guard that was running toward me like an FBI agent on an dangerous criminal. When he was around 1 meter from me, he told me to immediatly throw the ball back to the bullpen,and that he was going to call the security if I wasn’t doing that immediatly… As a Canadian that don’t want any troubles and arguments, I immediatly did it. He was kinda yelling at me and saying that if everybody was doing like me,there would not be any balls left in the whole stadium. Excuse me? The average AAA team of the pacific league have a value of ”Only” 30 millions dollars! I don’t really think their main issue is about finding money for the baseballs! Let the kids have fun and creativity to get great memories for later! He finally left,just after telling me that e was going to watch me for the entire game! Jeez… At least he came back later, was calmer and explained himself.

Some people came back after he left and wanted to know how this device was working. I even talked to a man and his kids for 20 minutes about the different stadiums that I have did in my life,my favorite ones,etc. Great people! And last thing, the ”Glove Trick” is not one of my invention. You can have more detail about it by looking at Zack Hample’s blog. Just google it,you’ll find it.

Want to know the funny things about this baseball? As soon as a player walked into the bullpen, I asked him for it and he threw it to me. Simple as that. And you know what? There was still balls for the game to be played!
The game itself was really great! Even if it was really hot(35C) I had a lot of fun and the stadium is beautiful! Look at this picture of it:


See the people in the right of the picture with the weird machine? Well,it was a T-shirt thrower and I ended up with one. Great stuff!
And another photo of the game:

And have also a look at the bobblehead that they were giving:


I love Milb baseball because your are always close to the players and the people are SO much relaxed. Even if I follow more the MLB, I think it would be a great option for Montreal maybe for some years to prove that we can support a ball team…That’s it for now! Stay tuned,new entries are coming very soon!

Stats MILB:
*2 balls at this game.
*13 balls in 3 games this season=average of 3,6 balls per game.
*Streak of 3 games with at least one ball.
*Total of 13 balls.
*Total of 1 game ball.
*Total of 2 Lineup Cards
*2 lifetime Stadium (San Manuel Stadium,LoanMart Field and Raley Field)


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