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Expos Returning To Montreal?


Yesterday,one of the candidate to the job of the Montreal’s Mayor,Richard Bergeron declared that a stadium could be built in downtown Montreal by 2020. Really? Well it really could be an option for the MLB. In fact with all the struggle that the Tampa Bay Rays,Miami Marlins and Oakland A’s are living,Montreal could be a great place to relocate these teams. Since December 2012,a group named Projet Baseball MontrĂ©al (Montreal Baseball Project) are trying to convince the business community to invest for a new stadium,and eventually a ball club. The new Stadium would be situated downtown Montreal (Picture).


It would be part of a new neighborhood,along with between 5000 and 8000 new homes.


With the few images that i’ve seen,i think the stadium would look a lot like the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.
So what do you think about that? Is it a great idea?
Let’s just hope(at least for the people of Montreal) that it could be the beginning of a new dream,a major one.