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Candlestick Park Visit

Even if the giants were not playing the week I visited San Francisco, I knew I couldn’t miss a great stadium of the bay area that will soon be demolished, Candlestick Park.

This stadium is the one that brought baseball to San Francisco and the one that also almost killed it.Countless greats players played there and broke records that seems today impossible to reach. It’s also not only about baseball,but about football too. No one can say that he’s a real football fan if he have not seen ”The Catch” of Dwight Clark thousands of time.
I knew I had to see it before the end. When I arrived from the highway,this was my view of the famous stadium:
I made a quick loop around the stadium in car and all that I can say is ”God! The hills near the stadium are I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.Y sheer!” Anyway, I took my favorite photo on top of the hill:
That’s it for now,next entry about Stockton and Banner Island Ballpark!


Miller Park,2013-06-26

Because the Brewers were playing against the Cubs, I had bought my tickets a long time ago. I was really looking forward for this game. Minute after I arrived at the Miller Park’s parking,i took this photo of the fiel:

Even if you can’t see it in the picture,there’s a bridge that is crossing a small river where people can walk or bicycle. I think it’s call the Hank Aaron trail. Great idea from the Brewers’ organisation!

After I walked (Well,Ran…) inside, I headed to the right field second deck, from where i took this picture:

Even if I stood there more than 20 minutes,no player suceed to hit a homerun. That’s when i decided to go to the left-field second deck. A lot of players were tossing balls into the crowd. But when i got there,it was over… Before i knew it,the BP was over too and I was empty-handed. I headed to my seat and i took a lot of pictures of the Ballpark like that:


And that too:


Even if the roof is pretty great,the Park itself isn’t that great. I ranked it 10th in the ballpark that I did,only in front of O.co Coliseum and Chase Field.
Anyway,there’s a lot of great seats in the stadium like this one with a great view of the roof:


This was the view from my seat:

Even if the team isn’t that good,there’s a lot of interesting things in the stadium during the game like the Bernie’s terrace:

…And the famous sausage race!

I took this pic during the game…

…And it was over!
I took another pic on the way to the car of stadium that makes it look very cool! Check it out!

Better luck next time at Milwaukee!

*End of the streak of 5 games with at least a ball
*7 balls this season.
*7 balls in 6 games this season = 1,16 average ball per game.
*10 total MLB ball.
*13th Stadium in my life.(Rogers Centre,Orioles Park,PNC Park,Great American Ballpark,Chase Field,O.co Coliseum,Dodger Stadium,Petco Park,Citizens Bank park,Progressive Field,Comerica Park,US Cellular Field and Miller Park)