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Toronto Blue Jays And New York Mets At Olympic Stadium!


It’s now official,the Toronto Blue Jays are going to play an exhibition game at Olympic Stadium on march 28&29. I already have my tickets for the first two games. On Friday,I will be in section 210 and section 406 for the Saturday game(Row AA). It is going to be my lifetime’s 16th stadium,and I am hoping to snag at least one ball during the week end. Can’t wait for this event,and hope to see at least 40,000 fans at each game. Play Ball!


New Glove,Baseball Roadtrip And Toronto Blue Jays.

First of all,I got a new glove! It’s a Rawlings RFBDCTC (First base glove). My old one(Easton Black Magic) was all torn down and before my roadtrip,i needed a new one. Take a look at it:


And the exterior of the glove(it’s a 12.5”)


Ok(Deep breath),let’s continue. My father and I are going to be on the road all summer long,and it’s a great chance to attend to (a lot) of MLB and MILB games. Of course,Ballhawking will be a great part of this trip,so be prepared to new blog entries about it! This is the first part of the roadtrip:


It goes like this:
*Comerica Park,Detroit,June 23rd
*Miller Park,Milwaukee,June 26
*U.S. Cellular Field,Chicago(White Sox),June 28-29-30
*Kauffman Stadium,Kansas City,July 2nd and 3rd.
Stay tuned for ballhawking and baseball news!

Finally,I wanted to talk about the Blue Jays and Chien Ming Wang. I think the Blue Jays are a better team with this pitcher. In fact,they won their last 6 games and are only 5 games behind the Wild Card and a place into the Fall Classic.When they play like that,the Blue Jays are the best team in the AL,maybe even in the league! When you have players like Reyes,Dickey and Bautista,you can’t play under .500. Let’s hope that Wang is their new leader!